Flackwell Heath and Loudwater Then and Now

Hold your cursor over each picture to change from Then to Now. Present-day pictures by Dave Trotter and Sally Scagell. Early photographs from SWOP. Please see their website for details of photographers.

Treadaway Hill (from SWOP website, RHW49792)       Swains Lane (from SWOP website, RHW35046 )
Heath End Road looking west (from SWOP website, BFP06989 )       Heath End Road looking east (from SWOP website, RHW07696 )
Heath End Road, Magpie pub (from SWOP website, BFP06832 )       Jennings, The Common (from SWOP website, RHW94146 )
Straight Bit (from SWOP website, MHW46280 )       Northern Woods (from SWOP website, BFP05256 )

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